Hawk Industries GAF-125 "GAFHawk 125"

In response to the GAFHawk 125 web page, I received an email from José Carretero Berjillos, who very kindly suggested that I contact former defense reporter and consultant Jack Hammond.

Mr. Hammond had in his possession a public relations package about the GAFHawk 125, which had been sent to him in 1983. Here's what Mr. Hammond wrote:

In 1983 I read a small article about the GAF125 HAWK which was being designed by of all people a company that supplied drilling equipment for oil fields up in Canada and Alaska. They were trying to build a flying version of a two ton truck. I sent a letter requesting just a small amount of info and got the whole kitchen sink. They even went and took some exclusive photos for me. Unfortunately the publication only used one photo for a quarter page article. And about one year later the firm gave up on their design because the F.A.A. was really being a bear about certification -- ie some claim Cessna used its pull with a Senator from Kansas to stonewall GAF.

The GAF125 was an interesting design with a lot of thought from the user end. It was unfortunate IMHO it never reached production. Today there is very little information about the GAF125. So I am posting in the next couple of messages the full information I was sent. I think you will find it all very interesting.

Mr. Hammond very kindly allowed me to use the scans of this public relations package. They give a very interesting insight into this unique aircraft. The package also included some air-to-air photos of the GAFHawk 125 prototype N101GH, made by Hawk Industries.

Many of these scans will be larger than your computer screen. Please make sure your browser does not resize them to fit on the screen, because that will render them unreadable.

Click on the thumbnails to see the large scan.



My thanks goes to Mr. Jack E. Hammond, for allowing me to use his scans of the Hawk Industries PR package, and also to José Carretero Berjillos, for bringing me into contact with Mr. Hammond.